PR Anti Climb Paint Community Mural (2019) No Things Just Want (2019) Smectic LCD (2016)

This undry-able paint! This canned nuisance! Anti-climb paint is part of a very select group of security technologies that use the THREAT OF MESS, to keep thieves, hoodlums and other visionaries from trespassing on private property. Is this the most powerful paint in the world? A weaponised paint used to strengthen boundaries. LET'S GET GOING!

You are invited to participate in the first ever anti-climb paint community mural painting day. A day when this anti-intruder device will be re-deployed at the service of communal expression. It will take place on an ancient junction - Seven Sisters Junction. A special place, a speakers corner, the heart of the S American community in the area and perhaps the most diverse square meterage on the planet. UNDER THREAT of course - by a tower block and planned developments - this will be a celebration too, of this place, its people, its culture, at a time of rampant disappearance.

We are particularly excited about welcoming people who feel bound in some way to the junction, in their heart, their stomach, their soul.

The event will be filmed as part of 'The Seven Sisters Anti-climb paint community mural project'.